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Our history

La Camerata dels Pirineus was born in the summer of 2015 at the will of some young music students together with the four teachers, Frédérich Descargues and Sergi Alpiste on the violin, Fanny Kobus on the viola and François Ragot on the Cello, they did a course of one-week orchestra in Font Rubí - Camprodon 14 young string students from both sides of the Pyrenees.

Our idea was from the beginning that the young musicians could work on a repertoire to offer in different concerts to the public at the end of the stay and thus be able to live the experience that a professional orchestra has when it prepares its concerts.

The experience was very positive both for the boys and girls and for the public who attended the concerts and we decided to organize ourselves as an Association to promote the musical education of young people.

The Camerata was expanded with the wind section in 2017.

In 2019 we celebrated the 5th Anniversary doing the orchestra course in St. Pau de Segúries and different concerts in the Vall de Camprodon, a total of 34 young people with teachers Pierfrancesco Fiordaliso, Heriberto Fonseca, Fanny Kobus, François Ragot and David Salleras.

We would like to thank all the teachers who have been through the Camerata for their educational work towards young people, this helps them grow as musicians and above all as people and creates a special bond between them that will last over time.

We were especially excited to be able to celebrate this anniversary together with the Choral Nit de Juny de Palafugell who celebrated 40 years of singing on stages everywhere.

We were also very happy that the singers Sara and Maria Bañeras and the pianist Anna Balvac accompanied us on this birthday evening. Thank you so much.

During the year 2022, and after little activity due to the pandemic, with the semi-professional CDP we traveled to Italy (Pescara) where from August 17 to 23 an Orchestra Course was held and different concerts together with the associations "Modulazioni d'Arte" and "Innovarte ensemble" all directed by Gianluca Febo and with the teachers Pierfrancesco Fiordaliso, Giuseppe Navelli, Rocco de Massis, Fanny Kobus, Gianluigi Fiordaliso and Massimo di Moia.

This summer of 2024, from July 30 to August 4, it is planned to hold an orchestra and guitar course in Sant Pau de Segúries at the Llar Sant Pau homestay with teachers PFrançois Ragot, Pierfrancesco Fiordaliso, Oriol de Antonio, Lisa Bonet and Nathalie Mengual, with different concerts in the area.

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